WeMos white Hacking

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#White Hacking: WeMos and SquirelCrawl! (update 17.10.2017)

  python   wemos   esp32   crawl   winx

I was surfing the web for new hacking software and hardware tools and I found the Hacker Arsenal website. This website offers "ARTILLERY FOR CYBER WARRIORS" as they said; it is basically hardware and firmware for pentester. In summary, they have actually three products especially for Wi-Fi Sniffing.

Python Code: https://goo.gl/YuT5qm

I found the Winx-Portable on the website and I thought I have something like that. I look for the boards that I've recently bought, and I find the WeMos WiFi ESP32 Development Tool. The boards are identical. Then, I tested the available firmware and they worked on my board.


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#ProjectDIVA: nRF24Things working on Android Things DP5.1

  raspberry pi   nrf24l001+   android

I've updated the code of the nRF24Things application. The application is now working on Android Things DP5.1. There is a Bug on DP5.1 related to the SPI units. You can read more on my last post here.

I've tried to update the SensorTag-Things application but I didn't work. DP5.1 has still problems with Bluetooth. Due to the crash by debugging, I found and reported another bug to Google. Read here.

20171003 virus capture macro min

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#Security: Phishing with Macros once again!

  phishing   macros   security

Yesterday I received again an email from an address that should look like my boss email address.

Dienstag, 3. Oktober 2017 08:34
Guten Abend,

In der Anlage das SEPA Formular und die neue Rechnungsanschrift.

Viele Grüße
Boss Name
Android Things

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#Tutorial: Getting started with Android Things

  android things   raspberry pi

As the title says, this is a getting started with Android Things. It should be my first post, but, it's better now than never. I'm posting this to summarize the steps to install Android Things on your Raspberry Pi.

Google announced Android Things on December of 2016. It's a modified version of the Android that we all know, but for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The architecture of the SDK is described in the following figure:

Android Things Architecture
Fig.: Android Things SDK architecture (Source: Google)

As you can see, the core Android framework (the level below the Apps) is extended with additional APIs provided by the 'Things Support Library' (in orange). These APIs enable the integration of the apps with the new IoT devices.

Payload Macros Word

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#Security: Phishing with Macros! (updated)

  phishing   macros   security


Yesterday I received an email from an address that should look like my boss email address. It was something like this: "Boss.Name@our-institute.uni-hannover.de nancy@hillstar.brcoxmail.com" with the subject: Rech QK - 163-DA7666 Riva, Mauro and a text saying:

Guten Tag, Riva, Mauro

Als Anhang erhalten Sie Ihre Rechnung. (something like "You receive your invoice as an attachment.")

http://blackbox-es.com/Rechnung-26375407950/ (don't click this link --> read all the post!!!)

Herzliche Grüße (Grüße: Grüße)

Android Things

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#ProjectDIVA: Android Things DP5.1!

  raspberry pi   nrf24l001+   android


Android Things DP5.1 is out! and the bugs were fixed!!! You can check the release notes here!.

You don't need to change the config.txt for the display settings and the debugger issues were solved and it is working again (tested! - it stops at the breakpoints)!

You can download the zipped image using the Android Things Console! Check this post for more information!

There are some problems with my two Android Things repositories and the applications are not working as expected :( but I will be updating the GitHub repositories this weekend!

Stay tuned! and have a nice friday!

Android Things DP5

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#ProjectDIVA: Android Things DP5! (updated 24.08.2017)

  android things   raspberry pi


Android Things DP5 is out and of course, new features are available.

The most important features are:

  • Runtime Pin Configuration
  • OpenGL 2.0 Support (that means hardware acceleration on the RPI!)
  • ViewWeb is available!

This time you need to use the Android Things Console to download the image as follows:

  1. Go to: Android Things Console and sign in using your Google credentials
  2. Click on: Create a new Product
  3. Go to: Factory Image
    • Select: Empty Bundle (if you don't have any app) and the Android Things v. OIR1.170720.015
    • Click on: Create Build Configuration
  4. Make a coffee or just wait a couple of minutes
  5. You get the .zip file which contains the .img file
  6. Use Win32DiskImage (Windows) or dd command (Linux/Mac) to flash the image on the micro-sd (click here for more info)


Problems were solved with Android Things DP5.1! Check here!

Unfortunately, I am having some problems with this version. The first problem... (continue reading!)

SensorTag Android Things

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#ProjectDIVA: SensorTag Hub

  android things   raspberry pi   cc2650   texas instruments

Hi again!

Two posts in one day! Now the SensorTag CC2650 is running on Android Things. The Raspberry Pi 3 can be used as a sensor hub, and the SensorTag can be connected to it using BLE. I modified the original app and now it is working on Android Things! Minimal changes were required, especially on the files related with the user interface. Moreover, WebView is still not supported on Android Things.

SensorTag Android!

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#TI: SensorTag CC2650

  cc2650   sensortag   texas instruments   c++

Hi there!

I've created a new repository for the Texas Instrument SensorTag CC2650. I updated the open source TI repository, which can be found here.

Due to licensing restrictions (I do not know which ones) Texas Instruments was no longer able to keep the open source code in sync with the SensorTag application in Google Play. That means, the new version in Google Play has more features than this one. But this is open source, and can be modified and extended! I am planning to collect the sensor data and publish on a Google Cloud IoT PubSub topic.

The new code can be found here:

Java  Code: https://goo.gl/ZcUkA2

Android things title white

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#ProjectDIVA: nRF24Things Rev. 0.3

  android things   raspberry pi   nrf24l001+

I've recently updated the nRF24Things project. I introduced some changes to the database main table (sensors) and to the handler class DatabaseHandler. Additionally, I added a second table for the payloads (payload). The two tables are related using the foreign key nodeID. I added some search options for the payloads: search by payloadID, nodeID etc.

Android Things
nRF24Things: https://goo.gl/SNnhxq

The main idea of this project is to measure the humidity, temperature, air quality etc. of a room with multiple sensors (may be using the PiCoBo's) inside and outside of it, and the doors and windows status, and with this information create a room data model to estimate and predict the room conditions. It is a big project; I start with the data logging.


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#ProjectDIVA: PiCoBo Rev1.1

  board   pcb   c++

Hi there!

I had some humidity problems in the basement and I thought I can buy a dehumidifier. I bought the this one on ebay Dehumidifier 500ml. I knew they are not good enough, but I wanted to try.

This type of dehumidifier uses a peltier element to cool an alumium disipator (peltier cool side), which condenses the humidity. The condensed humidity drips into a water tank until it is full. Then, a switch is triggered and the system stops. The peltier hot side has a bigger disipator and together with a fan disipate the generated heat.

C++  Code: https://goo.gl/CPGcYK
Eagle  Eagle: https://goo.gl/xFcc24
Android Things  nRF24Things: https://goo.gl/SNnhxq

PS: Good luck to all of you who are struggling with the washing machine in the basement.

Android Things

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#ProjectDIVA: Update 1.1

  android things   raspberry pi   nrf24l001+

Hi everybody!

I've recently updated the code for the communication between the raspberry pi v3 and the rf24l01+ module using android things (0.)4.1.

You need the following things:

Android Things
nRF24Things: https://goo.gl/SNnhxq
Android Things Android Things (0.) 4.1

You can find more info about the project on https://goo.gl/XsRJtI .

I'm making a smart dehumidifier, so stay tuned more info is coming this week!

Wipy2.0 Vu-Meter

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#Wipy2.0: Vu meter using WS2812B and SPW2430

  wipy   ws2812b   leds   spw2430   audio

Hi everyone,

As soon as I saw the WS2812B led strip, I thought: doing a vu-meter with these LEDs would be a nice thing!.

I was looking for economical MEMS microphones with board (I didn't want to solder a board). I found two options: SPH0645LM4H and SPW2430.

The SPH0645LM4H uses an I2S interface and the SPW2430 has an analog output. The second board (SPW2430) has two outputs: AC pin which has a capacitor in series to eliminate the DC output of the IC, and the output of the IC (DC pin).

Python Code: https://goo.gl/eWTCUl

Weather Wipy2.0

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#Wipy2.0: Weather Report using NEO-M8N

  wipy   gps   weather   display   micropython


I had two busy months, I've been writting my PhD-Thesis, and another publication and yeap... sorry! I forgot to update the blog!

Python Code: https://goo.gl/v7NCkj

Three weeks ago, I received a Ublox NEO-M8N GPS and I tested it with the code that I had. I said it should work, but as you know it always needs some modifications! The NEO-M8N supports GLONASS and GPS, so the $GP changes to $GN, e.g. $GPGGA (GPS) > $GNGGA (GPS+GLONASS).

The following changes were added:

# lines 604-606:
if self.gps_segments[0][2:] in self.supported_sentences:
    # parse the Sentence Based on the message type, return True if parse is clean                        
    if self.supported_sentences[self.gps_segments[0][2:]](self): 


# line 798:
# All the currently supported NMEA sentences
supported_sentences = {'RMC': gprmc, 'GGA': gpgga, 'VTG': gpvtg, 'GSA': gpgsa, 'GSV': gpgsv, 'GLL': gpgll} # GPS + GLONASS

I bought it from ebay, here the link:

NEO-M8N Ublox NEO-M8N x 1
The cold start needs a bit more time (estimated), but the module has a battery, then the warm start is much more faster (under 10 second). Please note that the VCC and GND pins are switched w.r.t. the NEO-6M board!

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Wipy 2.0 ST7735S Ublox

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#Wipy2.0: Weather Report Box

  wipy   gps   weather   display   micropython

Hi again!... First of all:

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

I've just uploaded some code for the Wipy 2.0. I wanted to write some python. That was why I took the Wipy 2.0 and programmed something like a weather report box: In this project the Wipy 2.0 reads the GPS coordinates via UART, then makes a web get request using the API of openweathermap, and after that the results are displayed on a LCD.

If you like this, please leave a comment, share and/or like! It would be very much appreciated!

Python Code: https://goo.gl/v7NCkj