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Everyone's got their own preferences for writing code. I'm not just talking about text editors and fonts (though they're important). I want to go on a holistic exploration of how developers write code in a sustainable, enjoyable way. I want to hear about their physical environment; the tools they use for development; the SaaS apps they use to make their lives easier; the productivity methodologies they subscribe to; how they balance work and life; and what they do when they're not at the computer.

I think that documenting this bigger picture will give us a greater insight into what makes for an awesome developer, how we can lead more sustainable lives, and how these people tick.

Sounds pretty interesting, right? Well that's about as far as I've got so far! I think a podcast would be a good format, and I've got an outline of the sorts of questions I'd like to ask. Now I'm looking for tame volunteers to interview! If you'd be up for being interviewed, shoot me an email to or send me a message via the chat thing in the bottom right corner.

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Spread the Word

It would really help me out if you could spread the word about this wee project. The more people I know are interested, the more motivated I'll be to get on with it. Plus, if I can demonstrate that there's a good sized audience, perhaps some, err, higher profile developers might deign to talk to me, eh?

You can help spread the word by liking and sharing and tweeting on your various social networks. I've attached some convenient buttons to this page. You can share the project on Twitter, Google+ & Facebook with these buttons:

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